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My Thoughts About Domestic Cars TOGG

What do we have for us to think about and do about Turkey’s domestic automobile TOGG?

Turkey’s domestic automobile TOGG is important to us?

After the introduction, I did not want to write immediately. Although we left the Revolution car behind because of the wrong situations that happened 60 years ago, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan did not forget this car and asked him to be in the promotion. in the opinions that will be a very important day for Turkey was obvious dislike. However, in order for this issue to be removed from the political conflict and benefit the country, we need to think about the expectations.

I think there are thoughts like I can’t buy the vehicle for the rich. The developments in the automotive sector also affect the minor branches. If a taxi uses this vehicle, even if we provide transportation with these vehicles, this shows that we contribute. More can be counted, but for the sake of the country, it is important for us to see these cars as our eyes, to make them look like other kinds of revolution. This will be the case in any industry where we do not support our engineers and initiatives.

How will it benefit us strategically?

The automotive industry is a major building block that provides a huge supply of demand for energy. It also symbolizes the power of that country in matters that are considered insignificant, such as advertising and promotion. The means of transportation, which we call a car, is an invention that needs prestige and some that allows us to imagine that I have a car like a box that settles from childhood to the subconscious and my ultra luxury sports car. Nowadays, countries that do not produce but control are in a strong position.

As far as I know, there are 4 big ones in the world, these Volkswagen, Fiat, Renault and Ford brands buy many car companies, they come over and provide control. There are so many wearers of the local and national issue that there is nothing as unconscious as to portray it as a mistake. When we investigate the production of the cars you have dreamed of, I hope that we will understand that there are no domestic and national issues and we will close this matter.

I am waiting for your comments about our local car TOGG 🙂

What’s the price? Tax and Customs Union Agreement

Everyone thinks it will be cheap because it will be produced in our country. This is very normal, of course, we call it our car. There’s a reason they don’t have very low numbers. Since we have a customs union agreement with Europe, we have to make the same discount for other products; services and cars coming from outside. Although Europe has squeezed us in almost every issue as much as it can, we do not know what to do about it by the state.

However, I think it will not be as expensive as Tesla in terms of VAT + SCT. If we want to buy a Tesla now, there is a price list of around 500 thousand TL. Our vehicle is thought to have a price between 130-200 thousand TL. This shows that it is competitive. In a recent statement, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that even if it does not give a clear figure; the efforts will be at the price that our people can afford.

Edit: February 27, 2020 – //

It was announced that there could be a price of 250-300 thousand, but when we look at the battery prices, it was normal. If we can reduce battery prices, this will be the actual engineering. Likewise, it can be said that the process is going in a positive way in trying to reduce this issue in companies such as Tesla. The news that the factory construction started in these months started to come.

Turkey’s domestic automobile TOGG will start production at a rate of 68% locally

Turkey’s domestic automobile TOGG How Local?

Still, a domestic production is performed in the range of 19% to 63% of the domestic automobile manufactured in factories in Turkey, said CEO Toggler statement. He stated that at the first exit of the vehicle, 51% of production will be in our country and they will increase it to 68%. This is an important figure that something can be done with the experience of Turkey in the automotive sector. Our country is creating a new brand. It is very important that this comes to the fore rather than production. Production in Turkey to be important, but not always important to purchase brand x is an embargo.

Where will the factory be? How much is the annual production?

With the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, it was reported that it would be established on a military area of ​​1 million square meters in Bursa. Among the R&D and other issues, the proximity of Gebze IT valley was seen as an advantage. I said that the first thing that comes to my mind is that there is 30-40 thousand production years, I was frankly surprised when I learned that there were 175 thousand and 5 different models announced, because in the first stage, this was a huge amount, after producing the after-sale services and service, a billion dollar investment was made, so large production was initiated. I said.

Turkey’s domestic automobile TOGG Design and Prototyping make all the world brands to Italians and will continue to do so.

The design is in Italy?

Since we don’t know much about creating prototypes, we think that everything was done abroad. In order for a project to emerge; a research and development must be thought through everything from design to software, from production to after sales services. It is normal that Pininfarina company has only experience in this regard because it is a status that has proven itself for years. If you have our engineer and designer at the beginning, you will have the prototype again as your property. Of course, this is how things work in the world. I don’t know how you are there. Mass production means speed and money. When these two are together, we can produce added value. Domestic Cars TOGG’s Designer Murat Günak confirmed this issue with his sharing on his twitter account.

The designer of the domestic car Murat Günak
Murat Günak, the designer of the local car, confirmed that he was designing 🙂

About CEO

Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş, who has completed METU Mechanical Engineering department; is a person with years of experience working in important parts of the world brand company like Bosch. Being the head of the team, getting to know the sector; is a valuable engineer of our country with a production focus and leadership spirit.

About Domestic Cars Togg Chargers

All of them were said to be produced in our country, and being able to compete with the world through this battery technology means meeting the energy sector exports and needs. Each of factors such as lithium-ion development made in Turkey; to become available again to extend the battery life is seen as a touchstone. Because it will benefit in the long term, such as hosting electricity and efficiency during charging, it increases the appeal of the car.

Environmental and Update Receiving

Being naturally electric in the production of vehicles provides an advantage in terms of emission values, this plays an important role in being costly and environmentally friendly. Internet-related turnkey delivery is a feature that is not currently available on most brands. In this way, we can see it as a walking mobility integrated into smart home systems apart from internet updates. There are many channels in the vehicle that you will provide most control before you reach your home. In terms of why you should buy it for the purchase, this will happen in the future and are the necessary features.

It can be 80% charged in under half an hour and can go 500 km with full charge

Charging Time, Battery and KM

According to what is said in the publicity, it is said that it will go 500 KM with its 80% charge in less than half an hour. Today, Tesla Model X is known to have 300-odd numbers. It seems obvious that there is a strong argument in terms of engineering in the global market. Although there is no clear information about the technical details of the battery, CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş stated that this technology was made and the necessary rights were taken. With battery technology, it is understood that the future moves that will guide the world in this regard.

Turkey’s domestic automobile TOGG Manage your home from your vehicle with Smart Assistant & Artificial Intelligence

Turkey’s domestic automobile Intelligent Assistant & Artificial Intelligence

In the statement made by Gürcan Karakaş, we are designing these vehicles not as automobiles but as a technological product. He said he is not planning to take it to car fairs, we will show up at technology fairs. It was demonstrated in prototypes that it includes future-oriented technologies such as a 3D assistant and augmented reality. It is stated that while using the technology that will satisfy the user on the interface side, it will learn machine that can go to its own service for its own maintenance when necessary, knowing the user with an artificial intelligence learning at the back. In the next 5-10 years, this technology continues to evolve with each step towards Autonomous 5.0. Catching this wave will be everything in the vehicle. We will not need to need anyone in this area as well.

Turkey’s domestic automobile TOGG Engine Options

It is said that the vehicles, whose prices will change according to the model and engine; will have two different electric motors, 200 horsepower and 400 horsepower. I believe that having more engine options in terms of leaving the user to choose options according to the need may increase the reception. In the 100-horsepower model, the 500-horsepower model should have a wider range in this regard, which can make it available to every audience. Because cars are electric and engine horsepower is not complicated compared to gasoline.

In which countries can there be sales?

My personal opinion priority countries outside of Turkey; I think Azerbaijan, Qatar, Dubai, Cyprus will be Germany from Europe. Of course, certain research, marketing data and realistic approach to the subject by looking more rationally, these are my humble forecasts.

Turkey’s domestic automobile TOGG is not the Final product!

Although not every launch, prototypes are introduced in most promotions. Although I try to explain what we call the prototype to the people of my beautiful country, which we have misjudged, all of the things that have been done so far are an R&D. In other words, it is the part before the production process. In a sense, there is no such thing as a factory, hiring 4 thousand people and stopping production and developing a model. For this reason, by thinking everything in width and developing it at home or abroad; it is possible to put something in front of the product and then make many changes to the production process.

Although it is very normal to make changes to the vehicles we see at launch, I can say that even this will be misunderstood on the agenda. Besides, I can say that if our country is well positioned in the series sector abroad; if we can use it in our series, steps such as sales and marketing will be evaluated well.

The fact that we are entering the sector fast after a long 60 years may have had a shock effect on everyone or not, or may not be believing … Maybe we will surpass it.

Hopefully everyone will have a car like this, and we should finish working by saying that we should work harder. Thank you for reading so far. 🙂


About Gobekli Tepe

About Göbekli Tepe has started to show itself among the favorite centers of our country, which has been increasing in popularity and continuing to increase in recent years. Let’s try to examine what is Göbekli Tepe, which allows us to see the deepest past in human history, in a few titles.

Where is Göbekli Tepe?

It is located in the village of Şenlurfa in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, 22 km from the center of Örencik. The hill, which is approximately 15 meters high at the height of 300 square meters in a comprehensive area of average km length.

In the area where there are ruins, there are elevations from the red soil, which is around 150 meters, with collapses. There were tombs on two hills on the hill. Can we call Göbekli Tepe the tomb of a thousand years? It may be, the research is still going on. Experts are trying to integrate the environment by making 3D scans.

Göbekli Tepeden Akşam Görüntüsü
Göbekli Tepe Evening Image

How Did Göbekli Tepe Come Out?

Let’s listen to Mahmut Yıldız, who has seen the oldest temple in the world since the discovery of Göbekli Tepe in Şanlıurfa, which played an important role in the discovery of this great discovery.

While Mahmut Yıldız is driving his field, one day he comes across ruins. They previously thought there were ruins under the village. He says that he came to the area to make a wish in Halk. Those who want to make many different wishes, from the sick ones, would knock on the door of this place. While they are driving the field with his uncle Mahmut Yıldız, they come across stones that come to the surface. As the tractor did not work there, they were plowing the field with animals, while they were throwing the stones to the corner with their hands, and when they noticed 1-2 stones with animal pictures (lizards), they were given to the museum in Şanlıurfa. German researcher archaeologists start the excavation work in 1993 after staying there for years.

Göbekli Tepeyi Kim Buldu?
Who Found Göbeklitepe?

What is the Importance of Göbekli Tepe?

When we know that the oldest building was built by the Sumerians until we reached these ruins, the difference of Göbekli Tepe; is that it shows that it is the remains of humanity that goes even further. We can see the transition from hunting to agriculture, which depicts findings about the settled life. 7500 years older than the Egyptian Pyramids, and the transition when there was no hierarchical order in the middle. In this respect, it is very important because; it is a different beauty. In our country that there are remnants that; we know theoretically exist but we see such structure as real.

Göbekli Tepe Sütunları Hayvan Simgeleri
Göbekli Tepe Columns Animal Icons

In terms of religion, Göbekli Tepe is registered as the first place of worship. It is estimated that polytheistic religions were times. The structures made in the Polished Stone Age show that it is the center of human history and the first faith in the world.

The center of the first faith in the world

It reveals that people know the techniques of shaping stones and rocks from wheat symbols in terms of agriculture. The fact that it was taken as a basis for transition to the settled order makes Göbekli Tepe even more important. We knew that people were hunting in those ages and thought that they lived a nomadic life. We have seen that it is not so, they are both older and more conscious people.

Although we have seen wheat as a proof of the established order, experts believe that it is another reason for religious meetings and gathering, for this, research is underway for further evidence.

What is the Secret of Göbekli Tepe “T” Pillars?

I am of the opinion that these columns are made for religious rituals. In today’s conditions, we can think of the ‘I can’t worship you totem’ model. A possibility, of course. In this way, 12 obelisks were erected in circular shape in Göbekli Tepe. The two largest stones were placed facing each other in the middle of the circle.

What is shapes in stones?

Engraving and engraving required by the era and various symbols were seen on these stones, and many complex drawings such as animals, people, hands, arms, etc. were found on the ruins. In this way, experts think that a story or message has been given. It was very interesting to me that people of that time had design abilities in this way.

Göbekli Tepe Columns Figures

In the more detail of the Göbekli Tepe T columns, bull, snake, fox and large eagle and vulture silhouettes are seen in animal images. This is not a settlement to live in, but rather a religious center. It is understood that people made the phenomenon of producing from agriculture to animal husbandry. Thanks to the hunting groups they formed during the hunting periods.

Göbekli Tepe Columns Beginning of Humanity

About Göbekli Tepe, dating back to the Pottery Age dating back 11,000 years ago; is the earliest use for this region. This indicates that the Buddha was older than the Sumerians. Experts think that Göbekli Tepe was used as a religious center until around 8000 BC and that it served other purposes. It listed these T columns in the UNESCO 2011 World Heritage temporary list in 2018.

About Museum

Some sculptures and stones unearthed during the excavations are exhibited in the Sanliurfa Museum (for review About Göbekli Tepe). If you think that it is interesting and interesting; it will be both special and useful for us to follow this historical culture to see this issue closely.

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Candy Crush Saga Game and All The Unknown

I compile the Candy Crush Saga game with all the details you know or don’t know about the game that we see under everyone’s hands when we go on the metro on Facebook on our phones.

King Office

Candy Crush Company

Malta Julian’s is a game development company based in 2003. In general, he uses the model called freemium in his games. King was purchased by Activision Blizzard in February 2016 with an average of $ 6 billion. It is managed by Ricardo Zacconi as CEO. He became the chairman of Melvyn Morris in 2014 and employs 2,000 people in 2017.

In the story of the King company, we see that dating site was made before the game. With the success of this project, he earned income by selling 150 million dollars to Zacconi started a new company with an angel investment from Morris. He founded this company in Stockholm, Sweden, and the adventure of video games started in this way. It is known that the company was on the verge of bankruptcy if Morris was not profitable at the beginning of 2003 at the beginning of the year. The year was 2005 and the company that passed 2 years had been able to make a profit this time. The company, which continues to work without slowing down, has raised big shares with Apax Partners and Index Ventures, selling over $ 40 million. As this was the last investment received, the company went public in 2014 from and became when it became a profit. King developed nearly 200 games on average, and by 2009 he became the company earning 60 million dollars.

Candy Word Patent Rights

With the application made by the king firm on February 6, 2013 at the American Patent office about Candy Crush, it can only interfere in many areas with (Video games, computer components, amusement parks, etc.)

Although there was no explanation made by the company, the final approval process was expected. It is said that the whole process will be done by the legal department and the people responsible for patent affairs, without taking a few years. How accurate comments are up to you.

Candy Crush Will Be Sued

Although many things have been said about Candy Crush, it has initially stepped on facebook and mobile. Of course everyone, big and small, quickly adapted and loved it. However, after this growth, he filed a lawsuit in 2010 prior to the King company, stating that he is a copy of his game named Ramsom CandySwipe, which developed games on mobile platforms. In Ramsom’s story, he appears as his mother’s farewell to life as he prepared for him. Of course, CanySwipe is played on slide sugar gameplay. It would not be wrong to say that Candy Crush is similar to this game in terms of interface.

King Firm Other Games

King company, which is the master of sugar-blasting games, does not only have such games. It is in many areas with App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, Microsoft Market, Facebook and its own site, There is even an extra section on the website as desktop games.

So what’s on these publisher platforms apart from Candy Crush Saga? There are 22 games on its own site, These games are played by millions of users, although the number of these games is not low. Let’s see what games they are;

  1. Candy Crush Saga,
  2. The Farm Heroes Super Saga,
  3. Candy Crush Soda Saga,
  4. AlphaBetty Saga,
  5. Farm Heroes Saga,
  6. Pet Rescue Saga,
  7. Bubble Witch 2 Saga,
  8. Diamond Digger Saga,
  9. Papa Pear Saga,
  10. Pepper Panic Saga,
  11. Scrubby Dubby Saga,
  12. Knighthood,
  13. Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga,
  14. Bubble Witch 3 Saga,
  15. Candy Crush Jelly Saga,
  16. Candy Crush Friends,
  17. Shuffle Cats,
  18. Diamond Diaries Saga,
  19. Bubble Witch Saga,
  20. Pyramid Solitaire Saga,
  21. Blossom Blast Saga,
  22. Legend of Solgard

The company has published the user and other information of other games in the image below.

Candy Crush Saga Job and Career Opportunities

You may want to work in a company that is the creator of Candy Crush to see an internship. In this regard, the company offers good opportunities. But for this you need to know English. Although in many locations in the world’s no point in Turkey for the office. Even if it is found, it will always be necessary to know English because you will work in a foreign company. You can access job applications from this link, as well as a form where you can ask questions, and a place has been opened for students.

Detailed information of the locations are also included. Although there are many other features, you also have many access to your account. This access allows you to play and edit games on the site if you want. Of course, since it is an online platform, it may change at any time. It may be clear when I wrote this article. Nevertheless, by thinking that we should chase the opportunities, you can improve your English first and find the point where you are good and make the necessary application. Why not?

Candy Crush Saga Addiction

In order for a game to be addictive, it is important to investigate the topics such as color, subject and fiction that the gameplay will be accessible to everyone, big and simple. Instead of the games that the game makers will be excited about while developing the games and the games with surprises, the role of the player levels or levels with similar differences among them plays an important role. The reason for this is that while playing, the game feels free while playing the game without losing focus.

About Candy Crush Saga new sugar ways

Candy Crush Saga Level 10,000

Everyone has a question about Candy Crush levels. I play, I play, does not stop! when will it finish? We have questions such as etc. Since Candy Crush is a popular game in the world and prints money due to in-game purchases, the end of the game is not a good subject for the company.

Instead of thinking about finishing the game, it will increase this level by developing new algorithms above each last level. Every user wants the level as they play the game, but in this respect it cannot be finished.

Topics such as who has the highest level of the game in general and how many episodes have the highest level can only be learned with the knowledge of the company. Other than that, it does not seem possible to learn. The data, which will be the biggest subject in today’s world, is therefore important. Some data can be predicted artificial intelligence, but the best information is given by King.

Result of a Youtuber’s

As a result of a youtuber’s research abroad, it is said that 10,000 levels have been seen in the past years. We do not know how accurate or not this is, but there is no reason for this number to be missing. I saw the 7000s myself with the update I received from my own device. Therefore, it will exceed its own software, design, algorithm and target with each passing day.

About Candy Crush Saga
About Candy Crush Saga Games